The San Francisco Acting Academy was founded in 2001 in collaboration with top casting professionals, actors and teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area.  It is our goal to provide the space for both new and experienced actors to hone their on camera skills and to make them more competitive in the SFBA market by connecting our school to the industry. We offer a variety of classes geared to prepare actors for the demands of auditioning and working in the Bay Area Market.  Our instructors are the best in the business; not only accomplished working actors and teachers, but casting professionals, television and radio producers and theater directors. They bring a unique perspective from both sides of the camera and the casting process.  Our class sizes are kept to a minimum,  giving each student ample time in front of the camera.  All of our classes are held at Das Studio, home to Gregg Cohen, Kristen Beck and Beau Bonneau Casting. Classes are taught using state of the art camera equipment and casting software, giving each actor a taste of the real world auditioning environment.  And each student will have the opportunity to watch their progress on tape.