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"I truly feel like I learn something new every class. Marcus seems to know exactly how to work with people with all levels of experience."jm
Directors, Producers and CD's look for and love actors with improv training. Basic improv will make you more confident, give you greater creativity, and help you stay in the present moment. Once properly trained, actors are free to make choices from a place of confidence in the audition environment. Untrained, our choices come from a place of fear. The latter usually results in overcompensating, throwing our scene partner under the bus, going blank, or all three at the same time! In this workshop you will learn how much fear of failure effects our performance, discover simple tools to stay grounded and connected to our scene partners, and you ' ll learn how to think on your feet. Lastly, Marcus will run through some improvised audition scenes to get you ready to land that next commercial or corporate gig.
"I've taken all his workshops (some twice) and always come away with something great. If you get a chance to work with him, DO IT!" erin d.
Course of 1 class. Wednesday November 7th. 7-10pm. $90.00

Date & Time : 07/11/2018 07:00:00 PM
Class Duration: Date display reads day/month/year. Course of 1 class. 3 hours. Wednesday Nov 7th. 7-10pm $90.00
Instructor: Marcus Sams
Background: Marcus Sams is a professionally working actor and the Artist Director of Moment Improv Theatre. He has performed improv since 2001 and now teaches and performs improv all over the country. He has performed in 65+ national improv shows and is a regular at SF Sketchfest. (You know, the kind festivals you have to submit and get accepted into.) Marcus is also the Co-Founder of the Bay Area Film Mixer and was also a Co-Owner of Crux Jinx Productions. He ' s had representation since 2005 with MDT Agency and has booked work with Google, Nike, Verizon, Jansport, Ford, Microsoft, Nintendo, Avaya, Oracle, and Maker Fair TV, to list a few. Marcus received his degree in Theatre Arts with a Business Administration minor from CSU, Chico. Marcus is also a Producer for the San Francisco Improv Festival and has gotten to see firsthand over the years what works and where improvisers and actors struggle in the craft. From this vantage point he has been able to combine tools that have been passed down with ones he has crafted himself in order to help students up their game at an accelerated pace. Marcus has a systematic and heart-centric approach to improv that breaks down improv concepts to their core units and delivers usable tools to the working player. Marcus was originally trained as a stage actor and brings this respect for stagecraft and training to the improv world. He believes that improv is not a crap-shoot and that once one learns the craft of improv, it frees them up to experience a deeper level of play. Marcus believes that improv skills are life skills and that anyone can participate in this magical and transformative art form. Marcus is thrilled to be teaching improv for San Francisco Acting Academy because he believes improv is very important to the working actor. In fact, 100% of the paid jobs he has booked that are in his commercial demo reel are directly because of improv
1050 Sansome Street. 1st Floor California, San Francisco United States 94111
About San Francisco Acting Academy

The SF Acting Academy is a professional On Camera workshop school. Our mission: prepare actors to audition and work in the Bay Area acting market and connect those actors to the industry. Our comprehensive on-camera program includes Commercial – Voice Over- Acting Fundamentals – Audition Techniques and offers classes for actors of all ages and all experience levels. The San Francisco Acting Academy was founded in 2001 in collaboration with top casting professionals, actors and teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area. It is our goal to provide the space for both new and experienced actors to hone their on camera skills and to make them more competitive in the SFBA market by connecting our school to the industry. Over the years we have accomplished this in several ways: We offer a variety of classes geared to prepare actors for the demands of auditioning and working in the challenging Bay Area Market. Our instructors are the best in the business; not only accomplished working actors and teachers, but casting session directors, television and radio producers and theater directors. They bring a unique perspective from both sides of the performance and the casting process. Our class sizes are kept to a minimum, giving each student ample time in front of the camera and mic. All of our classes are held at Das Studio, home to Greg Cohen, Kristen Beck and Beau Bonneau Casting. Classes are taught using state of the art camera equipment and casting software, giving each actor a taste of the real world auditioning environment. And each student will have the opportunity to watch their progress on tape.

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